State-of-the-art medical equipment and facilities, specially designed for our patients.

Bariatric And Metabolic Surgery


With a comprehensive evaluation, patients are assessed to see if they meet the criteria for bariatric or metabolic surgery, offering all the information required on risks and benefits. All our examination tables and medical facilities in general are special and comfortable for patients up to 300 kilos.



The endocrinology office provides a wide space for mobility and complete assessment by our specialist, who has extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases that cause metabolism disorders, such as diabetes, thyroid diseases, hypertension, hormonal imbalances, etc.




We have an area for taking samples and a clinical analysis laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art technology, where biochemical professionals have everything they need to examine and study blood, urine and body tissue samples for the studies that our doctors request and support. with data specific to the diagnosis of health problems.

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Internal Medicine

In this space, wide and equipped with everything necessary for the care of the sick adult, our specialist in Internal Medicine is focused on the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of diseases that affect their internal organs and systems, as well as their prevention.


General medicine

Spaces equipped for the patient and our doctors to cover the first level of medical care, whose objective is to prevent, detect and treat common diseases, as well as to identify if the support of a particular specialist is required.
It is our general practitioners who, in a few minutes, help us create the file and medical history of each of our patients.


With a special scale to determine not only weight (Inbody Scale), we have the necessary equipment to make a complete assessment of your nutritional status. Our specialists will be in charge of studying your eating habits and the relationship with all metabolic processes and routes that are needed to maintain or regain good general health.


In this space, our specialist has everything necessary to carry out in a comfortable way and with innovative equipment, the assessments that our patients require related to diseases of the eye (eyeball, muscles, lacrimal system and eyelids), with a particular focus on the retina and vitreous, components of the eyes that are often severely damaged by the diseases we are targeting: diabetes, hypertension and obesity.


Space equipped to offer a comfortable care to the patient, supporting him to avoid the stress of the visit, in which we will make a comprehensive review of his teeth (which includes, in addition to the teeth, the gums, the periodontal tissue, the upper jaw, the lower jaw and joint temporomandibular) and their diseases. Because Diabetes, Hypertension and Obesity often cause severe damage to the teeth, our dental office is also enabled to offer oral rehabilitation services.



Area provided with a comfortable and intimate room for our patients to talk and receive support and psychological treatment in chronic and degenerative diseases. Psychological treatment is suggested and important at the time of disease diagnosis, due to the emotional impact of living with a disease, due to the psychological consequences that can occur either due to the acceptance of some loss in physical or mental capacity. , due to limitations or the need for a pharmacological regimen, or due to the impact on the family, work and social environment.


Large office that houses our Men's Clinic, where our specialists have everything necessary for evaluations of the genitourinary system of men and problems related to erectile dysfunction caused by diseases with metabolic disorders. In this space, we also attend to everything related to the urinary system in women.

Podiatry and Physiotherapy

Risk foot detection of the patient living with diabetes, Diagnosis and treatment of common foot conditions, Preventive Podiatric Service.


Healing Area

Space equipped and provided with the necessary supplies to take vital signs and carry out the different cures that our patients require.
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